DSP Software Engineer

As a DSP software engineer, you are expected to contribute in the implementation of platform-independent reference code of Dirac processing algorithms suitable for porting to a variety of digital signal processing cores, as well as contribute to the porting itself. The work is coordinated by the DSP Software Manger and requires many simultaneously ongoing activities:

1. Planning and executing porting activities in accordance with instructions from Dirac’s DSP Software Manager. The activities shall include:

1. Porting of existing modules to previously unsupported platforms

2. Porting of new modules as they become available

3. Maintenance of existing portings (updates)

2. Support porting projects as defined by the porting roadmap mainly using external porting partners. This support includes:

1. Defining the porting project (target platform, Dirac modules, test vectors, due dates and milestones, flexibility requirements and APIs, and budget)

2. Assessing different porting partners’ capabilities and suitability for the task

3. Cooperating with porting partners in finding the best reference code trade-off for a particular task

4. Getting adequate support from DSP vendor and/or porting partner for module integration in suitable processing chain

5. Testing and approving deliveries on the target platforms to validate performance and resource usage

3. Maintaining a well-structured code repository with reference source code (for use with Dirac tools and as reference for portings) and target source code (for use in DSP)

4. Implementing export formats for each DSP runtime for use with Dirac filter design tools

5. Creating and maintaining suitable documentation and marketing material for our communication to OEMs and other customers about existing DSP options

6. Work on qualifying software modules for marketing and distribution via DSP vendors’ 3rd party software partner programs or similar

7. Accurately estimating and responding to questions (Sales support, internal R&D, etc) about DSP resource consumption based on target device and desired application case.

8. Contributting actively in internal software development, mainly with a resource efficiency focus.

As a suitable DSP Software Engineer you have:

  • At least 3 years of documented professional work experience from programming C and C++ embedded audio related signal processing software, both in fixed-point and floating-point.
  • A Bachelor or Master degree in Electrical Engineering or Software Engineering with specialization towards signal processing
  • A genuine interest in producing high quality reference and target code libraries
  • Ability to both contribute in a team and work independently


Please send us your CV and a Personal Letter to hr(at)dirac(dot)se and write "DSP Software Engineer" as subject.

For more information contact nilo(dot)casimiro(at)dirac(dot)com