General questions
and answers

Is shipping, VAT and customs included in the price of the UMIK-1 microphone from miniDSP?

World-wide shipping is included in the price. For best possible pricing the microphone is sent directly from the manufacturer in Hong Kong, and as such you will be subject to their terms and conditions. For more information please view the miniDSP support center.

Is there any difference between UMIK-1 and other similar room calibration microphones?

While there are many microphones that are suitable for use with Dirac Live Room Correction Suite, we can warmly recommend the room calibration microphone UMIK-1 because of its reasonable price and simplicity.

Can I use one license for MAC and the other for PC if I buy the Full Version?


Can I transfer the software to a new computer for instance if I want to replace my old computer with a new one?

Yes! But note that If you try to install the software on more computers than you have licenses for then you will get a message like this:

You have reached the installation limitation.

This is normally a hardware ID issue but there is a way to solve it:

Uninstall the software. The uninstallation process removes the record of the computer from our server, so you can install it on another computer. However, sometimes this won’t work if your computer was not connected to the internet during the uninstallation or if you have an older version of Dirac Live that doesn’t include that function. If your computer crashes and you did not get the chance to do the uninstallation then you can contact our technical support here. But please, do an uninstallation before contacting us.

How do I know if there is an update available?

Updates will be communicated to customers by a message at software start up.

Is it possible to test the Trial Version more than one time?

The trial expires 30 days after running the software for the first time for MAC and 14 days after running the software for the first time for PC. Version 1.2 for PC is planned to be released soon with 30 days trial. We can unfortunately not offer a second trial period.

What is the difference between the Stereo Version and the Full Version?

The main difference is that the Stereo Version supports 2 channels while the Full Version supports up to 8 channels. View version comparison at our online store here.

Is it possible for me to sell my license to someone else?

Your license and account are personal and cannot be sold to a third party.

Can I change my mind and regret the purchase?

Dirac offers a 30 day 100 % money back guarantee if you would like to cancel your purchase for some reason.