What is Dirac Live Room Correction Suite?

The Dirac Live Room Correction Suite™ is an audio software that delivers optimized sound quality for any PC or MAC®-based Hi-Fi system. The software, which requires a microphone, measures the acoustic performance of the system within the listening room and optimizes playback performance accordingly, providing the most transparent music reproduction possible.


How does this digital room correction software work? 

Your audio system and room acoustics are analyzed with a microphone connected to your computer, the room correction software then builds an acoustical model of the room with detections of the sound deficiencies - correction is made of the colorations of the sound. The technology handles both the timing and amplitude aspects of the coloration, or on a more technical level, the impulse response and the frequency response. The digital room correction software works with standard sound cards and USB DACs.  No specialist knowledge is required. 

The digital room correction program consists of two pieces of software that together improve the sound quality of your sound system:

1. The Dirac Live Calibration Tool (DLCT)
The digital room calibration tool allows you to measure and analyze the quality degradations that your loudspeakers and room acoustics imposes on the sound.

2. The Dirac Audio Processor (DAP)
The audio processor enables you to apply the created correction data to all sound that is played from your computer, regardless of media player or application.

What operating systems and computer performances are required? 

System requirements

• Windows Vista, 7, 8
• OS X 10.9 Mavericks - Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Computer performance

• Intel Pentium III or later, AMD Athlon XP or later (SSE required)
• 2 GB RAM or more

What do I need to get started with room calibration?

The Dirac Live room calibration tool requires a microphone for the acoustic measurements. View recommended room calibration microphones.

Advantages of the Dirac Live room calibration tool?

The Dirac room correction software optimizes all sound from the computer using any music/media player as well as standard sound output devices.

It was designed to be very easy-to-use but also highly precise and without compromise in terms of sound quality and/or flexibility for the advanced user.

Because this digital room correction software uses the computer as a digital signal processing engine, there is no need for additional costly audio electronics. It is an ideal solution for anyone seeking better performance from their computer-based Hi-Fi system.

The software allows a wider range of microphones and uploading of calibration files compared to other software that only supplies a basic microphone and does not allow the use of any other.