Digital Room Correction for professional audio

Plugins are the most common way of implementing digital room correction for professional audio. However, the Dirac Audio Processor offers a number of advantages over traditional plugins:

• Unlike other sound optimization plugins like VST, AU or AXX, which only work when running inside a certain music application, the Dirac Audio Processor optimizes all sound playback that originates from your computer, regardless of the application. The Dirac Audio Processor also doesn’t require you to import your music into the program, making it much easier to mix audio.

• In contrast to other software solutions, the Dirac Audio Processor doesn’t need to be bypassed before bouncing or rendering a file as a final mix. All you have to do is switch off the room optimization so that it isn’t printed into the mix (different rooms have different room acoustic problems).

• Checking on a final mix is often frustrating due to the importing and re-importing required by program-specific room correction solutions. Because Dirac Live is not program-specific, you can mix without all the hassle.

• The software allows a wider range of microphones and room calibration files when compared to other software that only supplies a basic microphone.

• Dirac Live empowers professional users with unprecedented flexibility in shaping the target response to their needs. Coupled with the performance advantages from Dirac's patented impulse response correction, Dirac Live RCS offers distinct benefits for professionals.