Icloud Songs

Downloading iCloud songs with Apple's Music app

This is a temporary solution until we can initiate and monitor iCloud downloads from our own app.

1. Locate and open the Music app.

2. Locate and open the Album, Artist, or Playlist you want to download.

3. Tap the Download All button.


NOTE: Data plan fees may apply for excessive mobile data download

NOTE: You can follow the download progress in the Music app. Once a song has completed download, you can open it in Dirac HD Player.

NOTE on iOS 5.1: The Download All button is located at the bottom of theAlbums and Artists song lists.

NOTE: Playlists have the Download All button at the bottom.


4. Go back to the Dirac HD Player app and open the downloaded song.
NOTE: The downloaded songs should have dropped their cloud icons. If this is not the case, then refresh the list:
a) Tap the Back button
b) Tap the album, artist, or playlist that you were viewing.
c) Now, the downloaded songs should have dropped their cloud icons.


5. Tap the song (without a cloud icon) to start playing it.