What is Dirac HD Player?

Dirac HD Player is a music player for iPhone and iPod Touch that optimizes the sound for the original Apple Earphones and EarPods. See it as a way tosignificantly improve the experienced sound quality without having to buy more expensive headphones.

How does it work?

It simply works like any music player that uses the iTunes library. In the full version, you can import and create playlists, quickly access any song in alphabetical order, arrange them by Album, Song, or Artist, and obviously Play, Pause, Skip, repeat and shuffle. It is also easy to toggle Dirac HD Sound ON/OFF to hear the difference that the patented optimization technology makes to your music experience.

Why does it sound better than other players?

Because it applies specially customized processing that optimizes the sound from the original Apple Earphones and EarPods. The original Apple Earphones and EarPods have been carefully measured in the Dirac lab and a high-resolution digital controller has been tuned to perfect the acoustical properties of each of these particular earphones. This is not a generic sound effect. The digital controller is integrated into Dirac HD Player to constantly process all music that is played while Dirac HD Sound is ON. Just make sure to select the correct setting depending on which earphone model you are using.

What's the difference between the free and the full versions?

The full version can import and create playlists, it has a quick-access alphabetical index for songs, and it has shuffle and repeat functionality. Extra features will also be added in future versions.

The free version has the same excellent unlimited sound quality optimization as the full version