Loudspeakers are by nature imperfect mechanical systems.
Regardless of the price and quality there will always be a degree of coloration that impacts performance.

Dirac HD Sound® is an advanced, patented, software-based audio technology that enables sound systems to go beyond these physical constraints, bringing out the full potential of the speakers by correcting the system’s impulse response and frequency response.



Natural and transparent sound 

Unlike conventional EQ systems and sound effects, Dirac HD Sound is tailored for specific audio systems based on the loudspeakers precise acoustic measurements, resulting in immense performance improvements. With Dirac HD Sound you will experience:

  • Less listening fatigue
  • Enhanced sound clarity
  • More natural and transparent overall listening experience
  • Tighter, more controlled bass transients
  • Improved sound stage

How does Dirac HD Sound work?


Each supported speaker model has been individually analyzed by the manufacturer using Dirac’s calibration tool. Once an acoustic model of the speaker has been built, Dirac’s advanced algorithms create a tailored digital controller that optimizes the sound performance for each speaker model. This controller is then shipped with every supported product to deliver superior performance to the listener.

Goodmans Base is optimized with Dirac HD Sound

Goodmans Base is optimized with Dirac HD Sound


Who is Dirac HD Sound technology for?


For audio manufacturers, Dirac HD Sound ensures that their products deliver the best possible sound to their customers. Dirac HD Sound technology can be applied to any type of system with a loudspeaker or transducer, including TVs, studio monitors, docking stations, earphones, etc. 



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