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ONKYO TX-RZ50, Home Media Entertainment’s review

January 21, 2022

Home Media Entertainment is a portal for Hi-fi passionate people that features media reviews of home cinema equipment, home entertainment articles, and news. The author, Stratos Kampourogiannis, has been dealing with home cinema equipment and home theaters for more than 20 years. Recently they’ve given a thorough and detailed review of the ONKYO TX-RZ50 receiver, which has Dirac Live built-in. 

Having delved into this topic, they described all features from design and audio quality to connectivity, apps, and features. Dirac Live is listed as one of the pros and mentioned as one of two the most important aspects of this receiver. Stratos describes the calibration process and compares the results of Dirac Live to Onkyo’s AccuEQ calibration. 

”There is a lot to like in Dirac Live and we see why there was such a warm welcome when Onkyo announced that it would be included without any additional cost. The system is really powerful and you literally have everything you need in order to use it. The app can be wonky from time to time but in general we found it very stable and the results you get, in our opinion, are far better than what the AccuEQ system can do.”, says Stratos. 

It is clear from this review that the Onkyo TX-RZ50 is the game-changer. The author claims that the receiver’s audio performance is majestic and that the Onkyo TX-RZ50 is one of the most fully-featured units they have tested lately. This review also compares the device to Denon and Marantz AV receivers. If you are interested in the Onkyo TX-RZ50, you should definitely read this comprehensive article. Remember that the receiver is out of stock in most stores now. So if you’re hunting for this one, be prepared for a long search and wait. 

”Closing this part of our review what we can say is that the TX-RZ50 kept almost everything we saw in the previous RZ releases and added even a few more to the mix. The obvious highlight is Dirac Live and this is a huge one in our books. So kudos to Onkyofor including such a high profile calibration system along with the rest of the updates making this receiver one of the most feature complete we have tested so far.”, concludes the reviewer.

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