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Home Theater Fanatics, the latest Live with Dirac

February 18, 2022

Home Theater Fanatics Youtube channel creates practical, educational and inspirational videos for Home Theater lovers and AV equipment owners. The latest Live of Home Theater Fanatics includes Jakob Ågren, the Head of Product Management at Dirac. Watch the video not to miss this fascinating discussion. Find the list of topics below the video.

Jiles, the channel producer, and Jakob cover many interesting topics in this episode:

If you take a look, so you know the history you got started, things changed, you introduced your mobile technology, introduced your in-home room correction, and then you fast forward all the way to today, your brand is arguably the best at correction on the industry. There are competitors, but it’s really phenomenal to my ears, particularly in certain brands of processors. You know what your technology is able to do.” , says Jiles.