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Joe N Tell: Dirac on the New Onkyo and Pioneer

October 21, 2021

Joe N Tell shares “easy to understand” reviews of hi-fi audio, home theater AV, personal audio, and other tech on his YouTube channel. Without “flowery descriptions” – in his own words.

In the new video, Joe replies to the question: “DIRAC on the New Onkyo and Pioneer Worth Switching to?” And – spoiler alert – yes, it’s worth it.

“To me, that’s a big reason to get an AVR is the room correction because that makes a huge difference in the overall sound. Since then, I’ve tried various room corrections. I’ve done my own room correction, but as of right now, my favorite is Dirac. I like the way that it makes all the speakers sound very cohesive, and that’s with very different speakers. That’s really pretty hard to do.”

In this video, Joe also answers subscribers’ questions and compares Dirac with Audyssey.  

“My experience is that with Audyssey, it gets all the speakers sounding equal levels, but you can definitely tell: “That’s the left channel, it’s right, center.” You know you hear all the different channels, that’s good. With Dirac, it sounds just like a ball, like you’re surrounded with sound. And much easier to tune to your particular target curve.” – Joe N Tell.