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Klipsch’s Listening Lounge with Nilo Casimiro Ericsson

October 21, 2022

The latest Klipsch’s “Listening Lounge” includes Nilo Casimiro Ericsson, the Product Lead at Dirac; watch the video not to miss this fascinating discussion and deep dive into Dirac Live. We found the entire video compelling from start to finish for everyone interested in the room correction topic, and it’s, of course, a must-see for Onkyo receiver owners.

Another participant in this absorbing talk was Rob Vieira, Global Senior Product Manager at Integra, Pioneer Elite & Onkyo. Recently we’ve talked to Rob and asked his thoughts about the collaboration with Dirac and perspectives. Find below the story he told us. We are excited and proud to collaborate and create the best possible listening experience together.

“In 2019, Onkyo Corporation made a decision to invest in the future of audio room correction.

The goal was to provide listeners with a solution that removes the inevitable coloration that most rooms add to the final sonic experience. The choice was obvious, Dirac Live. Born from PHD level audiophiles in Sweden who understand the complexities of signal management, Dirac Live has raised the bar for accurate sound reproduction in the professional audio creation space, the auto industry, the mobile device sector, and now the home audio world.

Additionally, Onkyo chose to provide their customers with a compete Dirac experience, right out of the box. No need to upgrade from a limited version. All 2021 Dirac-equipped Onkyo models include full bandwidth functionality. The free Onkyo mobile app allows quick and easy setup, or use the free Dirac PC app and a calibrated USB mic for the ultimate tuning experience.

With a fully featured Dirac experience out of the box, Onkyo continues its commitment to provide best value high performance features available”