Transform your listening with

Dirac Live

Dirac Live is software that transforms your listening experience by improving sound quality. Our algorithms make precise measurements and enhance the sound from your speakers, optimizing it for your listening space.

Making rooms sound better.

It doesn’t matter how much money you pour into high-quality speakers if the room acoustics aren’t right. The way sound behaves in the room itself is a crucial aspect that can make or break any listening experience, regardless of which AVR, speakers, or cables you are using. Room correction software addresses this digitally.

Smart acoustics.

Dirac Live revolutionizes room correction. It addresses sound quality with patented techniques to measure and correct distortions and imbalances caused by the room’s acoustics. This results in clearer, more balanced, and lifelike sound.

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Dirac was an ear-opener, the proof was in the listening, and it was delicious.

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For music listening, it’s not even close. I’m for Dirac all the way.

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Ultimately, Dirac is an audio tweaker’s paradise.

The sound of science.

Dirac Live doesn’t just enhance sound – it transforms listening spaces. Whether it’s for a home theater or professional studio, our science-driven approach elevates the listening experience to new heights.

Find your ideal sound

Our powerful software allows you to customize the exact sound character you want. Bright and analytical or bassy and full-bodied — your choice.

Expand your sweet spot

Enjoy top-quality audio throughout your entire space, without having to manually sit and test each spot.

Upgrade what matters

Great equipment doesn’t guarantee great sound. Only a solution that analyzes and corrects speaker performance in the room can give you the performance upgrade you crave.

Dirac Live room correction for HiFi

Dirac Live is a family of products that each focus on different sound optimizations.

The core Dirac Live product

Room Correction

Mixed-phase sound optimization with patented algorithms to improve your sound experience. Offers enhanced speaker performance and unparalleled sound quality.

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Expansion to Dirac Live

Bass Control

Feel the power of deeper, tighter bass. Bass Control fine-tunes bass performance, delivering impactful listening without boomy resonances. A must-have for home theaters.

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Expansion to Dirac Live

Active Room Treatment

True next-generation room correction. Active Room Treatment uses all of your speakers together to actively cancel out unwanted effects. Sound like magic? It is.

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Dirac Live for Desktop audio

Experience unprecedented dynamics and clarity, straight from your computer. Dirac Live Room Correction Suite corrects all system audio, including from music apps and web browsers.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions? We’ve got answers.

What is Dirac Live?

Dirac Live is a digital audio calibration system designed to optimize sound quality and improve the acoustic performance of home theaters and high-fidelity audio systems. By analyzing the audio characteristics of a room, Dirac Live adjusts the audio output to compensate for environmental distortions, ensuring a more accurate and immersive listening experience.

How does Room Correction work?

Room correction technology works by analyzing the acoustic properties of a room, such as size, shape, and any objects that might affect sound waves. Using a microphone to measure sound output, Dirac Live identifies anomalies and distortions. Then, it adjusts the audio output of speakers to counteract these irregularities, ensuring a balanced and true-to-source sound reproduction.

How much does Dirac Live cost?

Dirac Live sells licenses in various tiers and expansions to fit every need. Some devices come with all capabilities included, whereas others are upgradeable for a fee. Check our Online Store for precise pricing details for your device.

How do I get Dirac Live?

You can purchase your Dirac Live license directly from our Online Store. After purchasing, activate your license and download the Dirac Live software, which will guide you through the calibration process. Compatibility with specific audio hardware should be verified before purchase. Dirac Live Room Correction Suite for desktop audio is compatible with most modern PCs and Macs.