Bass Control

Make the most out of your subwoofer setup with Dirac Live Bass Control. Automate subwoofer optimization for a strong, smooth, and refined bass response in all listening positions.

Bass Control eliminates variations between listening positions and allows for smooth, even bass distribution throughout your room. Enjoy a deep, punchy bass no matter how you position of your subwoofers.

Tweaking the target curve in the software

Automatic subwoofer setup and management.

Setting up subwoofers is a time-consuming, imprecise science. Dirac Live Bass Control co-optimizes subwoofers and the other speakers to significantly improve the blend between subwoofers and full-range speakers around the crossover area. Eliminate seat-to-seat sound variation and gives you all the bass you want, without the reflections and boominess you don’t.


Flexible placement.

Whether your system has a single or multiple subwoofers, Dirac Live Bass Control makes sure that every listening experience is optimized like never before.

Smoother bass.

While Dirac Live excels at enhancing sound quality, subwoofers have often caused uneven bass – good in some spots, bad in others. The Bass Control feature includes tools to correct these subwoofer issues, providing consistently great bass throughout the room.

Bass control benefits.

Dirac Live Filter design on computer

Consistent response anywhere.

Low-frequency wavelengths can reverberate in your room for a very long time. Bass Control mitigates this effect by redistributing bass across the listening area.

Dirac Live Filter design on computer

Bass management on multiple subwoofers.

Dirac Live Bass Control uses machine learning to quickly determine the ideal settings for multiple subwoofers and can apply filters automatically to streamline the process.

Dirac Live Filter design on computer

Co-optimizing speaker and subwoofer.

Dirac Live Bass Control co-optimizes subwoofers and speakers to significantly improve the blend between them around the crossover area.

Dirac Live Filter design on computer

Flexible subwoofer placement.

Whether a system is using a single subwoofer or multiple subwoofers in a complex room, Dirac Live Bass Control ensures that every listening experience is optimized like never before.

How it works.

Dirac Live Bass Control introduces an automated method for controlling the bass characteristics of a sound system at multiple listening locations. The solution comes in two versions:

Dirac Live Bass Control Single Subwoofer adds automatic calibration and filter adjustments for a single subwoofer towards the full-range speakers it supports.

Dirac Live Bass Control Multi Subwoofer is designed for multiple subwoofer management. This version uses machine learning and AI to quickly determine the ideal settings for multiple subwoofers and automatically apply filters. This technique dramatically simplifies a procedure that could otherwise take several days to complete to the same standard.

Dirac Live scan of living room

Sound frequency basics.

Modern full-range speakers combine a woofer and tweeter to reproduce the full range of audible frequencies. Subwoofers are often added to enhance the low bass. The subwoofers will only produce sounds lower than the frequency set by the system’s onboard low-pass filter – typically offering selectable cutoff points from 30Hz to 120Hz. These low-frequency wavelengths must be treated differently than higher frequencies with respect to interference and room resonances.

Find out if your device supports Bass control.

  • What is the time-domain, and why is it important?

    At Dirac, we believe that the reproduction of transients is critical for a truly natural and transparent sound. For example, the stereo image is critically dependent on the time-domain differences and similarities between the sound at the left ear and the right ear. As such, Dirac’s impulse response correction improves the depth, the positioning and distinction of individual voices and instruments.

  • Mixed-phase room correction technology

    Using a look-ahead buffer enables impulse response correction Minimum-phase and linear-phase room correction filters can’t physically optimize the acoustic impulse response in a room. At best, they can minimize problems caused by the application of a filter. Room-acoustic responses are non-minimum-phase, which is why Dirac Live® uses mixed-phase correction. Dirac Live is unique in that it improves the impulse response throughout the listening area, not just in a particular zone.