Dirac Live for Bluesound.

We’re excited about our new partnership with Bluesound. Soon, you’ll be able to elevate your hi-fi experience with Dirac Live on selected Bluesound devices.

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Dirac Live scan of living room

Transform your Bluesound listening with Dirac Live.

Dirac Live for Bluesound optimises the sound for both the magnitude and phase of your entire sound system including the room itself. This gives you a more transparent, balanced sound, tighter bass, improved staging, and enhanced clarity.

The sound of science.

Dirac Live represents a breakthrough in audio technology. By using patented methods, it identifies and corrects distortions brought by the room’s acoustics. This clever solution leads to a clearer, more balanced, and realistic sound.

Dirac Live scan of living room

How Dirac Live works.

Your listening space affects your sound. Walls, floors, windows, and furniture all affect how sound waves travel. It might enhance certain frequencies while weakening others. This can cause your audio system at home to sound lackluster—regardless of how good it really is. 

Dirac Live optimises your sound system to your home. It takes your Bluesound system that one step further towards perfection.

Dirac Live Filter design on computer

Find your ideal sound.

Dirac Live allows you to customise the sound character of your Bluesound setup. Bright and analytical or bassy and full-bodied — your choice.

Dirac Live Filter design on computer

Expand your sweet spot.

Enjoy top-quality audio throughout your entire space, without having to move and adjust your speakers precisely for where you want the best sound.

Dirac Live Filter design on computer

Experience smart acoustics.

Great equipment doesn’t guarantee great sound. The acoustics of your room interfere with even the best equipment. With Dirac Live you can fine-tune your sound to match your room.