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Dirac Live Active Room Treatment

Coming Spring 2023 in partnership with StormAudio

Active Room Treatment calibrates your speakers as a unified system and uses each speaker’s strengths to reduce room decay time, efficiently canceling out lingering bass and leading to unmatched clarity.

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Dirac Live Active Room Treatment – Teaser

Active Room Treatment
Key Benefits

  • Calibrate your speakers as a unified system, using your speakers to control your room—not the other way around.

  • Actively cancel out lingering bass to reduce room decay time and eliminate bass smearing.

  • Optimize sound performance across a wider area for a larger, more uniform “sweet spot.”

  • Eliminates the need for bulky and expensive in-room acoustical treatment.

Active Room Treatment uses your speakers to actively cancel out unwanted effects.
  • “The second [Active Room Treatment] was switched back on, you were brought right back into the experience. As I’m not a huge fan of Audyssey, Dirac has always been the room correction software I preferred. This feature now takes it to a new level and won an AVS Forum Best of CES.”

    Erik Wesley at AVS Forum
  • The impact of ART is quite notable. It has the ability to tame bass without neutering low-end punch. It’s quite fascinating in that it lends to an expansive sound stage that holds together when you move outside of the sweet spot.

    Todd Anderson at AV Nirvana
  • [Active Room Treatment] is extremely clever, and it means that with Dirac’s system, acoustically treating your listening room is no longer a concern, and the area of the ‘sweet spot’ practically becomes as big as the entire space between the speakers.

    AJ Wykes at SoundGuys
  • By allowing me to listen to ART, you have ruined listening to my own system.

    CES Guest
  • It doesn’t sound like anything I have heard, and I have heard and compared everything that is out there.

    Dan Nagar Distributor at StormAudio
  • Surround panning is amazing and the system works together in a much better and more exciting way. It reminds me of the first time that I used Dirac Live compared to no room correction.

    Dan Nagar Distributor at StormAudio

    Dirac Live Features Comparison


    Room Correction Bass Control Active Room Treatment
    Enhances the performance of individual speakers by compensating for room acoustic problems. Ensures the collaboration between subwoofers and main speakers by smoothing out the bass at the crossover point and below. Cancels out room resonances and reduces the room decay time. Controls the room acoustic properties using existing speakers.
    Mixed-phase impulse response correction to correct the magnitude and phase/timing of each speaker individually, resulting in an improved average sound performance. Phase co-optimization technology to automatically fine-tune delays, gains, and phase shifts in the bass region of each speaker jointly. MIMO mixed-phase impulse response correction makes all speakers cooperate to control the room by sending out anti-signals to cancel out low-frequency resonances.
    Transparent sound, improved staging, and voice intelligence. Consistent bass experience throughout the listening area. Tighter and cleaner bass and low-mids without ringing and a larger sweet spot with reduced spatial variation.


    Learn more about Active Room Treatment

    Dirac Live Room Correction and Bass Control effectively manage two distinct aspects of room-speaker interaction. However, neither addresses room decay time throughout the listening space or eliminating remaining room resonances. Learn about how Dirac Live Active Room Treatment addresses these issues at the link below.

    Introducing Dirac Live Active Room Treatment