How to unlock the secrets of pristine sound quality with room correction.

Dirac Live –
A technical overview

Dive deep into the science that transforms ordinary listening spaces into extraordinary auditory experiences.

Whether you’re an audiophile, a professional sound engineer, or just passionate about impeccable audio, our white paper is your gateway to understanding Dirac Live.

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What you will learn from this white paper.
  • Why room correction is so crucial to sound quality
  • How our advanced algorithms fine-tune your speakers.
  • How we optimize subwoofers for a rich bass experience in any room
Dirac Live for home audio.
Dirac Live Filter design on computer

Find your ideal sound.

Dirac Live software allows you to customize the exact sound character you want. Bright and analytical or bassy and full-bodied – your choice.

Dirac Live Filter design on computer

Expand your sweet spot.

Enjoy top-quality audio throughout your entire space, without having to manually sit and test each spot.

Dirac Live Filter design on computer

Upgrade what matters.

Great equipment doesn’t guarantee great sound. Only a solution that analyzes and corrects speaker performance in the room can give you the performance upgrade you crave.