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Dirac Live for Audio Lovers

Dirac Live helps you get the best from your speakers

The way sound waves travel is affected by walls, floors, windows, and furniture placement, causing certain frequencies to be strengthened and others to be dampened. On top of that, distorted phase and timing add their own confusion to the sound. You just simply don’t hear what you want to hear. In most sound systems, room acoustics are the weakest link. Dirac Live Room Correction and Dirac Live Bass Control help your loudspeakers reach their full potential in any listening room. Dirac’s ground-breaking software is praised by audiophiles and music creators worldwide and has been adopted by many world-leading audio brands.

How can I get Dirac Live in my home?

Option 1. You have a Dirac Live enabled device

Dirac Live Room Correction has been adopted by many of the world’s leading brands for home theater systems and sound processors. Some of their receivers and processors come with full-featured Dirac Live, some with limited options with the opportunity to upgrade. In addition, some products are Dirac Ready, so Dirac Live can be activated by purchasing a personal license.

Option 2. You run media on a computer

If you’re running your media on a computer, you can purchase a license for Dirac Live Room Correction Suite, available as plug-in or standalone, in stereo and multi-channel versions. Click here for more information.

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Quick Start to get the Dirac Live experience

  1. Download Dirac Live.
  2. Create a Dirac account.
  3. If needed, buy a license for your device and follow activation instructions.
  4. Log in to Dirac Live on your device.
  5. Calibrate and enjoy!
A woman listning to the perfect audio in her living room. Dirac Live Room Correction

Dirac Live Room Correction

Dirac Live Room Correction is an ultramodern software-based technology. Our solution employs a sophisticated analysis of your speakers and listening room to perfect your sound system’s performance and remove colorations introduced by the room. The result is substantially improved sound staging, clarity, intelligibility, and a deeper and tighter bass.

Dirac Live Room correction

Key benefits

With Dirac Live Room Correction you will experience three key benefits:

1. Improved localization of sound events, so called staging.

2. Better clarity and intelligibility in music and speech.

3. A deeper and tighter bass free of resonances throughout the entire listening area.

Image of living room with home audio

Dirac Live Bass Control

New revolutionary bass management system powered by machine learning

Dirac Live Bass Control is our latest addition to the Dirac Live family to help you manage your subwoofers. It delivers smooth and equal bass throughout the whole listening area, an almost impossible challenge to accomplish by manual tuning.

Key benefits

With Dirac Live Bass Control you will experience these key benefits:

1. Smoother bass in the crossover region between subwoofers and speakers

2. Equal bass throughout the listening area

3. Bass management on multiple subwoofers

4. Flexible subwoofer placement