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Dirac Live for home

Dirac Live is software that transforms your listening experience by improving sound quality. Our algorithms make precise measurements and enhance the sound from your speakers, optimizing it for your listening space.

How to get Dirac Live

Option 1: Dirac-enabled devices

Many of the world’s leading brands offer home theater systems and sound processors with Dirac Live built in. Some devices come with the full feature set already enabled, while others offer limited options that can be upgraded. Some products are also Dirac Ready, which means that all levels of Dirac Live need to be purchased separately. Purchase your license here

Option 2: On your computer

If you run media on a computer, you can purchase a license for the Dirac Live Room Correction Suite, available as a DAW plugin or standalone program, in stereo and multi-channel versions. 

The latest in sound science.

Dirac Live uses patented, purpose-built technology to correct not only frequency response—which is where many other room correction technologies stop—but also sound timing, meaning each sound wave hits your ears precisely when the artist intended.

  • Only Dirac Live delivers phase alignment, speaker driver alignment, room resonance reduction, and early reflection reduction.
  • Dirac Live walks you through the measurement and calibration process in easy-to-understand steps.
  • Used in professional mixing studios, control rooms and commercial cinemas, Dirac Live has been licensed to more than 20 Hi-Fi and home theater OEMs, with more than 200,000 delighted users worldwide.

Quick start

  1. Download Dirac Live.
  2. Create a Dirac account.
  3. If needed, buy a license for your device and follow activation instructions.
  4. Log in to Dirac Live on your device.
  5. Calibrate and enjoy!



Why you need Room Correction.

1. Improved localization of sound events (“staging”).

2. Better clarity in music and speech.

3. A deeper and tighter bass free of resonances throughout the entire listening area.

Dirac Live Bass Control

A revolutionary bass system powered by machine learning, Dirac Live Bass Control help you manage your subwoofers. It delivers smooth and equal bass throughout the whole listening area, an almost impossible challenge to accomplish by manual tuning.

Why you need Bass Control.

1. Smoother bass in the crossover region between subwoofers and speakers.

2. Equal bass throughout the listening area.

3. Bass management on multiple subwoofers.

4. Flexible subwoofer placement.