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Dirac Live for Marantz.

Dirac Live Room Correction for Marantz.

Dirac Live Room Correction is now available on Marantz’s AV 10, CINEMA 40, and CINEMA 50 models. Dirac Live tailors sound perfectly to your room’s unique acoustics, delivering unparalleled clarity and balance. With our cutting-edge sound optimization integrated into Denon’s robust hardware, your home entertainment system is elevated to a new realm of audio performance.

Dirac Live for Pro
Dirac Live for Pro

Revolutionizing bass management.

Dirac Live Bass Control, now available in Dirac Ready devices by Marantz, revolutionizes bass management in multi-subwoofer setups. It ensures even bass distribution across the room, eliminating uneven sound and allowing flexible subwoofer placement. With its advanced software, you can effortlessly achieve a balanced and consistent bass experience in any listening space.

Dirac Live compatible devices

Front view of Marantz AV 10 AVR

Marantz CINEMA 30

Front view of Marantz Cinema 40 AVR

Marantz CINEMA 40

Front view of Marantz Cinema 50 AVR

Marantz CINEMA 50

Front view of Marantz AV 10

Marantz AV 10

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