Dirac Live for sonoro

Upgrade your sonoro listening experience with Dirac Live Room Correction 

Transform your listening.

Experience audio like never before with Dirac Live Room Correction. Dirac Live will correct the frequency and timing of your speakers, giving you a unique audio experience that no other room correction software can match.

Combined with the superior quality of sonoro devices, it enhances your listening experience by providing more accurate imaging and staging, a larger sweet spot, and a customized experience.

Enjoy concerts, movies, or series with the audio quality the creators intended. With Dirac Live Room Correction on your sonoro, you can elevate your audio experience to new heights.

Lifestyle image of a black sonoro maestro quantum device

Dirac Live compatible devices

Front view of asonoro maestro quantum device.

sonoro MAESTRO Quantum

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Dirac was an ear-opener, the proof was in the listening, and it was delicious.

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For music listening, it’s not even close. I’m for Dirac all the way.

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Ultimately, Dirac is an audio tweaker’s paradise.