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Mathias Johansson to co-host Smart Stage panel at CEDIA 2023

September 5, 2023

In case you’re wondering who will speak at the Smart Stage panel this Friday, September 8, at CEDIA 2023, we got you covered. We’re back at CEDIAExpo and we will have the pleasure to co-host at Smart Stage the insightful panel ‘State-Of-The-Art Room Correction in the Custom Install Market: Today and Into the Future’ Dirac’s Co-founder joins industry luminaries to explore the future of audio innovation. Our expert,Mathias Johansson to co-host at CEDIA 2023 alongside integration pioneers like Terry Ellis, David Cain, Dallas Dingle, will unravel the auditory possibilities. It’s a chorus of insights you won’t want to miss.
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It will be a 45-minute panel discussion covering recent developments in room correction technology. Mathias Johansson to co-host at CEDIA 2023, featuring several audio experts in custom installation and product development.

“Custom Installers are often asked to do the impossible task of incorporating cutting-edge, high-performing technology into a room without disrupting its aesthetics,” said Dr. Mathias Johansson, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Dirac. “This is primarily the case in the home theater, where clients demand premium audio quality from a system that easily blends in with the room. In response, room correction software is increasingly leveraged by custom installers to deliver on this demand – while optimizing the full potential of home theater audio performance.”

Johansson continued, “At Dirac, we’ve pioneered the cutting-edge of digital room correction technologies and we look forward to providing CEDIA attendees with both the critical knowledge necessary to deliver on complex installations and the opportunity to begin earning commission by recommending the industry’s most powerful suite of audio software tools.”