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Mathias Johansson’s thoughts on The Future of Sound

March 28, 2022

We asked Mathias Johansson, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Dirac, if he could share his thoughts on the future of sound. Here are his thoughts and ideas!

The future of audio looks bright! Sound quality is improving across the board, and new immersive experiences are gaining ground. What will the future look like in some specific areas? Here are my thoughts.

Headphones will turn into personal augmented reality buds – we will get super hearing abilities, we will get audio augmentation of the world around us, all powered through advances in audio signal processing.

Active room acoustics will allow you to be virtually transported to a different venue and hear as if you were there. Home HiFi and home theater systems will not just use active room treatment to reduce in-room decay times and minimize the impact of room acoustics, we will actively add ideal room acoustics to your home to make your living room turn into a completely different venue. It will not require specially encoded immersive content, but through intelligent new upmixing/source separation technology, it will be possible to get truly immersive life-like experiences just as if you were in the same room as Elton John playing the piano for example.

Car audio systems will benefit from the same technologies, and with car makers now investing more and more in high-end car audio systems, more people will get used to exceptional sound in their cars. The controlled environment makes the car ideal for advanced signal processing and immersive sound experiences.

Mathias Johansson, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Dirac