Automotive News Europe: Polestar 2 Gets Audio System That’s Like glasses for Your Ears


Automotive News Europe catches up with Dirac CEO Mathias Johansson and Dirac GM of Automotive Audio Lars Carlsson to discuss the company's recent collaboration with Polestar and the growing importance of premium audio in electric vehicles.

Click here to read the full article and learn why Dirac believe that “sound identity“ is crucial for the industry’s top players and achieving great sound will become even more important as the industry moves to self-driving vehicles.

WiFi HiFi's "Hands On" Review of the Dirac-enabled Tritton Kunai Pro Gaming Headset

Tritton kunai pro 2.jpg

“Listening to some of my favorite albums in foobar2000, Dirac HD Sound instantly expanded the sound field and sharpened every sonic element, making individual instruments or voices dramatically more distinct. With Dirac HD Sound turned on, the Kunai Pro went from being a pretty average low-end gaming headset to a very respectable open-sounding set of headphones. Turning Dirac HD Sound off again felt like shoving wads of cotton wool into the ear cups.

I have no idea what violence Dirac's algorithms perform on the original recorded waveform. High frequencies seem to be considerably enhanced, but low bass is more distinct as well. Overall loudness is elevated somewhat, and stereo separation seems wider. But even on careful extended listening, I couldn't detect any particular degradation in the musicality of the audio. To my ears, there was none of the obvious harshness, distortion, or feeling of artificiality that one might expect with intensive DSP processing.”

Click here to read WiFi HiFi’s full review of the Tritton Kunai Pro headset, which, in addition to Dirac HD Sound, also includes Dirac 3D Audio – described by the reviewer as “one of the better surround solutions I've tried."

Automotive Design & Production: The Sounds in Polestar


“One of the things about electric vehicles that’s different than traditional internal combustion engine-powered vehicles is that because there is no engine noise, the sound in the cabin is more apparent. Which is probably why the company is working with Dirac, a Swedish audio company, and Harman Kardon, the audio system supplier that is seemingly ubiquitous in the automotive space.”

Click here to read more about how Dirac technology optimizes the sound system in the highly-anticipated Polestar 2.

Digital Trends Reviewed the Dirac-enabled Tritton Gaming Headset: An Affordable Headset with Expensive Sound


Source: Digital Trends

Published: June 19, 2019

Digital Trends reviews the Dirac-enabled Tritton gaming headset and calls the digital audio experience "a cut above similarly priced headsets", capable of delivering "clarity we weren’t used to hearing from a budget headset", and "an affordable headset with expensive sound." Click here to read the article

Aggrogamer Discusses How 3D Audio Is Transforming Gaming Headsets & The Gaming Experience

“The largest selling point for this headset had to be the new 3D audio, using new software from Dirac Research to power it, which it was touting to be able to give. This is something I generally roll my eyes at as it is something I have generally only experienced in large theaters or specialized rooms. This headset and new drivers fully delivered. It truly shined when placed over a VR helmet, but even in the most basic of games, I was able to hear in a 3D space. Even something as minor as a radio playing off in the distance felt like something in my home where I had to double check I did not leave something on. It looks like my love of earbuds may be going the way of the dodo after this.”

Culture of Gaming: The Tritton Gaming Headset comes alive through the use of Dirac Technologies


Leading gaming publication, Culture of Gaming, states the following in its review of the Dirac-enabled Tritton Kunai Pro headset: “Through the use of the Dirac 3D Audio, as well as Dirac HD Sound, the Kunai Pro comes alive and is able to achieve not only sound parity, but I would overall judge it as a better Virtual 7.1 experience than the competitors. I can legitimately say I forgot the headset cost $50 USD.” Read the full review here

XDA Developer: Find Out Which Dirac Audio Enhancement Solutions Are on Your Android Smartphone

Mobile phone wireless communication technology and mobility busi

The article begins with a general overview of smartphone audio and its importance to the overall user experience; then introduces Dirac, its history/ legacy, and its role in the smartphone audio market; then provides an overview of some of Dirac smartphone audio solutions; and then concludes with a master list of smartphones that feature Dirac solutions. Click here to read the full article

Hemmabio Profiled Dirac and Its Roles in Inventing the Future of Sound Across All Markets

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Source: Hemmabio

Published: March 21, 2019

HemmaBio, a leading Stockholm-based home cinema publication, recently profiled Dirac and its role in inventing the future of sound across all markets – from home theaters to automobiles, mobile devices, and more. Read the story (in Swedish) here for more on our company, our plans for the future, and exclusive commentary from Dirac leadership.

Nerd Reactor Reviews Dirac Bass for Smartphones, Smart Speakers, & More @ CES19

“Next was a demo of Dirac Bass, which really amazed me. I was first shown a basic $40 speaker from IKEA. Sound quality was acceptable, with a flat and even sound profile, that had no real distinction between highs, mids, and lows. Once the speaker utilized Dirac Bass, you could really hear the difference. This went beyond using an equalizer preset that was set to favor the lows, which would typically result in the highs and mids being drowned out. Dirac Bass gave you a deep sounding low while keeping the other tones intact, with no distortion and overall evenness.”