Nerd Reactor: First-hand listen at Dirac’s suite of sound products at CES

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Read Nerd Reractor’s review of Dirac 3D Audio, Dirac Bass and Dirac Panorama Sound, which reporter Arvin Santiago was demoed at CES 2019.

“It was almost jaw-dropping to hear this panoramic sound coming from such a small speaker. It gave the audio more depth and more feeling to it and made it feel as if the sound fully engulfed me. Of course, it didn’t end there. Dirac demoed their software on a Razer smartphone. This 6-inch smartphone, with two-front facing speakers, was producing a powerful panoramic sound that will take gaming or entertainment to a whole new level. “

Dirac Live LE vs Dirac Live FULL: Why you should upgrade the NAD T758 V3 to Dirac Live FULL

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AV Nirvana just conducted a thorough review of the NAD T 758 V3, specifically highlighting the important performance differences between Dirac Live LE and Dirac Live Full. For those looking to get the most out of their home theater system, Dirac Live Full is the way to go.

Read the complete review ->

Forbes: Why China's Top Phone Brands Have Turned To Swedish Audio Firm Dirac For Superior Sound

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Forbes recently sat down with Dirac CEO Mathias Johansson and Head of Product Management Nilo Casimiro to uncover why China’s leading smartphone manufacturers are increasingly prioritizing audio performance – and why they are all consistently turning to Dirac to deliver an elevated listening experience.

Reporter Ben Sin charts the company’s history; its scientific approach to product development; and its working relationships with companies like Oppo – who, with their all-new Find X, are setting a new standard in terms of smartphone innovation – in this Forbes feature story.

Read it here

Hans Beekhuyzen Calls the Impact of Dirac Live "Stunning"


Audio Evangelist Hans Beekhuyzen provides an in-depth review of Dirac Live and the NAD T758 V3. Hans calls the impact of Dirac Live full version “stunning” while his YouTube channel subscribers call this review his “very best video” yet. Watch below to find out why…

Source: Hans Beekhuyzen YouTube Channel (here).

Want to learn more about the new version Dirac Live? Click here to read a Q&A with Dirac Head of Product Management Jakob Ågren and click here for the official press release.

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Dirac Live Featured in the Wall Street Journal


According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Dirac Live is one of two solutions that can help remedy the issue of poor sound quality that’s produced by streaming music.

While our favorite streaming services may have prioritized music accessibility and abundance over sound quality, Dirac Live – along with our other home theater, mobile, automotive, and virtual reality audio solutions – is making sure that regardless of the device or the music distribution platform, your audio always sounds as pristine and powerful as it should!

Read more about Dirac Live in this WSJ piece (subscription required): Here.

Sound on Sound: Symphonova is Reproducing A Full Orchestral Performance with Dirac Live

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After centuries of remaining steadfastly unchanged, a new symphony experience has now arrived.

Symphonova blends human talent with sophisticated technology – such as virtual instruments, gestural recognition, and Dirac Live room correction – to create a symphony experience that matches the brilliance and beauty of a traditional 100-person ensemble playing in an acoustically-perfect concert hall, yet with a fraction of the musicians and in any acoustically-imperfect venue (such as the ballroom of the 15th-century Herstmonceux castle.)

Read more about how the Dirac-equipped Symphonova is democratizing the modern day symphony in this piece by Sound On Sound here

Sound & Vision's Review on NAD T758 V3 A/V Receiver: "Dirac is an Audio Tweakers' Paradise"

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"...The biggest story here is the addition of Dirac, from the 15- year-old Swedish company that offers room correction for high-end home theater systems as well as audio processing for mobile and automotive use. NAD has not just adopted Dirac Live LE but also gotten PSB’s speaker-designing eminence grise Paul Barton to tweak it...Ultimately, Dirac is an audio tweaker’s paradise; it’s great to see how your system measures in your room and how the program corrects it. And the results, as you’ll read below, were excellent..." Read it!

TechRadar Reviews the Major VR Audio Solutions that Could Revolutionize the Industry: Dirac Helps Pioneer the Future

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Source: TechRadar
Published: March 30, 2018

Immersive 3D audio is poised to revolutionize virtual reality and, according to a recent report by TechRadar, Dirac's helping pioneer the future of this industry.

Interested in learning more about 3D audio solutions such as Dirac VR and their role within the future of the VR/ AR industry? Check out the story here

Headphone Surround Sound Basics Explained by Lifewire and Dirac VR Highlighted


Wonder what it would be like to watch a movie on your laptop and experience surround sound audio that you typically only hear in movie theaters, through your headphones?

This is the future that’s being made possible today thanks to digital audio leaders such as Dirac Research, Dolby, and DTS. With pioneering solutions such as Dirac VR, headphone audio that previously appeared to originate within your head can now be virtually produced outside of your body and delivered from any direction – thereby creating a true surround sound listening experience over headphones. Welcome to the future of headphone audio!

Read more about Dirac VR and surround sound headphone audio in this piece by Lifewire.

IEEE Spectrum on the Future of Mobile Sound

IEEE Spectrum on the Future of Mobile Sound

In the years since the iPhone was launched, in 2007, smartphone manufacturers have competed primarily on the size and resolution of their screens, touting display capabilities sometimes to the exclusion of anything else. But as mobile display technology matures, manufacturers are looking to other areas to distinguish themselves, such as sound.

XDA Developer: "How Dirac Enhances the Sound Quality of OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Huawei devices"

Source: XDA Developer
Published: March 5, 2018


"You might not have ever heard of Dirac, but if you’ve used a XiaomiOPPOHuawei, or OnePlus phone in recent years, chances are you’ve heard their software in action. The Swedish audio firm works with an increasing number of device makers to optimize the sound quality of smartphone loudspeakers and headphone outputs." Read it!

Android Central: "Here's how Dirac is enabling Xiaomi to create better audio products"

Source: Androidcentral
Published: February 27, 2018

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"Over the years, Dirac has worked with a range of automobile manufacturers to tailor cabin acoustics in the luxury car segment, with the company's solutions ending up in models from Bentley, Volvo, BMW, and Rolls Royce. The company also works with the likes of Harman, Pioneer, Datasat, and DTS to optimize professional loudspeakers and fine-tune room acoustics for recording studios.

In recent years, Dirac has turned to mobile audio, teaming up with a slew of manufacturers that include OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, and others to deliver the best possible sound from a phone's speaker. Dirac focuses on two distinct areas when it comes to optimizing phones: tuning the headphone jack, and tweaking the performance of the loudspeaker." Read it!


An In-Depth Review of the NAD T758 & Dirac Live

An In-Depth Review of the NAD T758 & Dirac Live

In the past two years, Ultra HD and new surround sound formats have come to market and many users are looking to upgrade their receivers to get the most from all the latest content.

For those people, NAD offers the T 758 V3 AV Surround Sound Receiver. It represents a great value choice at only $1300 and includes HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2 to pass Ultra HD signals with HDR and extended color. You also get support for the Dolby Atmos object-oriented audio format. But the icing on the cake is Dirac Live. This advanced room correction system goes far beyond Audyssey and addresses not only frequency but also impulse response. The result is a well-balanced sound that brings out tons of detail and presents it in a wide soundstage.