Reference Home Theater: "The Dirac/Class G combination doesn’t just excel on movies but also sounds terrific with music. "

 Arcam of Cambridge: AVR850 Dolby Atmos 7.1 Channel Receiver. Hugely powerul Class-G amp. Word-class 4K AV performance, DIRAC Room Correction and the unprecedented ability in this field to play music properly

Source: Reference Home Theater
Published: May 2, 2017

"Everything sounds tighter and cleaner with Dirac. I hope this technology finds its way to more platforms because the results I achieve in my multi-use room are clearly superior to what I have been able to achieve previously.

The Dirac/Class G combination doesn’t just excel on movies but also sounds terrific with music. Whether rock or folks, I am consistently happy with the pairing." Read it!

audioXpress highlights Dirac's appointments and new Investors to accelerate growth in VR/AR applications

Dirac Research-Dummy- Dirac is world leading in digital sound optimization, room correction and VR and AR Audio

Source: audioXpress
Published: April 24, 2017

AudioXpress covers Dirac's recent investments to accelerate expansion into the emerging audio markets of virtual and augmented reality.

"Investing further in the build-out of its senior management team, Dirac Research appointed Lars Isaksson as Business Director of Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality. The Swedish company also received extra support from new investors to, in part, accelerate its growth into the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality markets. One of those investors, Jörgen Lantto, also joined Dirac’s Board of Directors. Meanwhile, the company was awarded a research grant from the Swedish government." Read it!

Hi-Fi+: "You can use the SR250 without implementing Dirac Live, but why would you? It's like buying an airline ticket and then taking the train."

Arcam SR250 featuring Dirac Live digital room correction

Source: Hi-Fi+
Published: March 30, 2017

"The Arcam SR250 is a really good stereo amplifier, and not just at the price. If you can get past the inherent fear of home theatre intrinsic to many audiophiles, and are prepared to delve into Dirac, this is perhaps the best £25,000 amp you can get for £2,500. Recommended!" Read it!

Mono and Stereo on Dirac Live room correction: "It just does wonders to my room acoustics"

Sound optimization and digital room correction software for your pc and mac

Source: Mono and Stereo
Published: March 28, 2017

Dirac's advanced digital room correction technology Dirac Live® has just been reviewed by the online audio magazine Mono and Stereo:  

"The main reason I switched to Dirac is that a) it is very easy to set up and b) very professional to use, c) it works perfect with my music computer and d) just does wonders to my room acoustics... Obviously you need the software, you can download a demo mode that works for two weeks for free from" Read it!

Upload VR covers Dirac's giant step into VR/AR audio

Source: Upload VR
Published: March 14, 2017

The US-based, virtual reality media company Upload VR has just covered Dirac's announcement about its 44 MSEK ($4,865,000 USD) investment to accelerate expansion into the emerging audio markets of virtual and augmented reality. Upload VR is considered the go-to website for VR news in the US. 

"Dirac’s software has already won praise for increasing the fidelity of smartphone audio and now time will tell if a new focus, and almost 5 million extra dollars, can let the company similarly improve the way we hear in VR." Read it! 

Silicon Angle covers Dirac's investment announcement and move into VR/AR audio

Source: Silicon Angle
Published: March 15, 2017

Silicon Angle has just covered Dirac's recent announcement about its 44 MSEK ($4,865,000 USD) investment to accelerate expansion in the emerging audio markets of virtual and augmented reality.  

"The Dirac VR audio platform, launched at CES 2017, showed the company’s commitment to enhancing sound with VR experiences. It did so by demonstrating the ability to take into account how sound “flows” around the human body in a natural environment." Read it!

Digital Trends about Dirac: "This crazy audio software can make your smartphone sound like a Hi-Fi system"

Dirac's 3D Audio sounding like Hi-Fi audio

Review by Digital Trends:

"Swedish audio company prefers to operate under the radar, partnering with smartphone makers like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus, high-end auto manufacturers like Rolls Royce and Volvo, and home theater brands to enhance their products’ speakers with algorithms. But at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it stepped into the limelight with three demos that left us speechless." Read it!

AVTOREVIEW test of Volvo V90 sound system: "The key is the software developed by Swedish Dirac"


Journalist Leonid Golovanov from Russian media AVTOREVIEW visited Volvo's Audio & Displays laboratory that designs sound systems. He tested a Bowers&Wilkins system in the Volvo V90 Cross Country and mentioned its outstanding quality.

"The key is the software developed by Swedish Dirac Research AB – the company established by university scientists of Uppsala. The processor divides the music into three frequency bands: for subwoofer, woofers and midrange and tweeter modules. It provides individual signal delays for each of the 12 channels. Do you recall the way I admired the sound in new BMW 7-series F01/02 some eight years ago? The Germans were the first among carmakers using Dirac software, but since that time the Swedes grew so high that Harman signed contract with them. Harman is supplying components for Volvo audio systems branded Bowers&Wilkins.

Dirac software allows 'to feel' the premises – to measure its acoustics. It updates the sound offsetting all the defects. Henrik Svensson demonstrated it in the reference room. The room covered with special panels on the walls seemed to be acoustically ideal, but as they turn on 'room correction' the tone balance is getting perfect, the sound is more dimensional and bass is getting denser." Read the full article in Russian →     Read the translation in English → 

Pro Tools Expert: miniDSP DDRC-88A With Dirac Live Room Correction System

Review by Pro Tools Expert:

"So what was it that has changed? As I said it is subtle, but I can best describe it as the lack of smearing once the correction is enabled, I can hear through the mix, it's not brighter or warmer, it is clearer, it is like the lens has been focused so the edges are no longer soft, they are in focus.

Speech now is consistent, there is no more boom, and the low mids are better, everytime is just that little bit better.

Moving on to surround content and the sense of the veil being lifted was even clearer, the surround image was more precise and on reflection after my extensive listening tests I believe the fact that Dirac Live compensates for both frequency response and impulse response may be the key. In my latest listening tests everything seems tighter as though the transients are coming through without having the edges softened."

" comes gone to the sound and even though I have a very good monitoring system, the review unit won't be going back to Hong Kong. I will be buying it and sending them the money instead. Enough said." Read it!

Dirac's technologies demonstrated at CES 2017



CES 2017 Show Report day 4, by Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity:

"I selected what ever track I wanted and as I listened through the phones and turned my head, the performance stayed fixed in the same spot but it was as if I had turned in a real performance and it was effectively simulated. It was eerily convincing."

"Turning the enhancement on and off through the app quickly illustrated a much wider and fuller soundstage, without fuzziness or bloat was able to be experienced with Dirac Panorama Sound. It was a very enlightening experience!" Read it!