The Economist Sits Down with Dirac CEO to Explore the Next Frontier in Music-Technology: Superior Sound Quality

Dirac Panorama Sound featured in the The Economist 1843.jpg

Source: The Economist 1843
Published: November 15, 2017

Over the last 30 years the music industry has pursued three primary goals: clarity, portability and abundance. Three decades later, impressive strides have been made in reaching these goals – thanks to the introduction of the MP3, the iPod & smartphone, and streaming services like Spotify. However, as the industry put millions of songs in our pockets – thereby achieving its second two goals – it came at the expense of its first goal. The world has been left with an abundance of portable music that can only be experienced at a fraction of quality at which it was produced in the studio.

Now, as the industry explores its next frontier, its focus has returned to its original and most elusive goal of sound clarity and quality. According to The Economist, while producing recording studio sound in one’s living room or through one’s smartphone is a complex challenge, Dirac remains a critical component to the solution. Read the full story here