AVTOREVIEW test of Volvo V90 sound system: "The key is the software developed by Swedish Dirac"


Journalist Leonid Golovanov from Russian media AVTOREVIEW visited Volvo's Audio & Displays laboratory that designs sound systems. He tested a Bowers&Wilkins system in the Volvo V90 Cross Country and mentioned its outstanding quality.

"The key is the software developed by Swedish Dirac Research AB – the company established by university scientists of Uppsala. The processor divides the music into three frequency bands: for subwoofer, woofers and midrange and tweeter modules. It provides individual signal delays for each of the 12 channels. Do you recall the way I admired the sound in new BMW 7-series F01/02 some eight years ago? The Germans were the first among carmakers using Dirac software, but since that time the Swedes grew so high that Harman signed contract with them. Harman is supplying components for Volvo audio systems branded Bowers&Wilkins.

Dirac software allows 'to feel' the premises – to measure its acoustics. It updates the sound offsetting all the defects. Henrik Svensson demonstrated it in the reference room. The room covered with special panels on the walls seemed to be acoustically ideal, but as they turn on 'room correction' the tone balance is getting perfect, the sound is more dimensional and bass is getting denser." Read the full article in Russian →     Read the translation in English →