Pro Tools Expert: miniDSP DDRC-88A With Dirac Live Room Correction System

Review by Pro Tools Expert:

"So what was it that has changed? As I said it is subtle, but I can best describe it as the lack of smearing once the correction is enabled, I can hear through the mix, it's not brighter or warmer, it is clearer, it is like the lens has been focused so the edges are no longer soft, they are in focus.

Speech now is consistent, there is no more boom, and the low mids are better, everytime is just that little bit better.

Moving on to surround content and the sense of the veil being lifted was even clearer, the surround image was more precise and on reflection after my extensive listening tests I believe the fact that Dirac Live compensates for both frequency response and impulse response may be the key. In my latest listening tests everything seems tighter as though the transients are coming through without having the edges softened."

" comes gone to the sound and even though I have a very good monitoring system, the review unit won't be going back to Hong Kong. I will be buying it and sending them the money instead. Enough said." Read it!