AnandTech: Hands-On With Dirac Bass For Mobile Devices at CES 2019


Read AnandTech's review of Dirac Bass and our other pioneering mobile audio solutions, which reporter Andrei Frumusanu demoed at CES 2019. Frumusanu thinks that 2018 has been a year when many smartphone vendors put a lot of focus in improving the speaker output quality of their products.

“At the core of designing better speaker playback experience isn’t just simply better hardware, but nowadays software signal processing plays a crucial role in getting the most out of whatever audio hardware is available. In fact, improved software processing has been the main cause for improved speaker audio experience in many 2018 smartphones”, commented Frumusanu in the review.

According to Frumusanu, “the difference (that Dirac solutions make) in the audio stage and bass reproduction was notable and significant”, he believes that “as mobile vendors continue to try to improve their handset’s speaker quality, packages such as offered by Dirac look to offer some excellent solutions in order to achieve this goal. If one thing that 2018’s device have demonstrated, is that this is certainly a low-hanging fruit avenue to improving mobile device audio quality, and I’m looking forward to see what vendors in 2019 will be able to offer. ”