miniDSP nanoAVR DL HDMI and Dirac Live Audio Processor

Review by Home Theater Shack forums:

"What put Dirac Live over the top for me was listening to Devin Townsend's Ki album. A long time fan of his music, I have often felt that his heavier track mixes could be a little too dense for their own good at times, bordering on sonically indecipherable at others. What Dirac Live had done was like going through the sonic landscape with a fine-toothed comb, sharpening and separating all of the images and teasing out into the open minute details that rarely saw the light of day. "- Wayne Myers Read it!

Dirac Live Room Correction Suite in Stereophile magazine

Digital room calibration with Dirac Live

Review by Stereophile magazine:

"The proof of all this pudding was in the listening, and it was delicious."

"the bass was similarly improved. Moreover, with this very immersive surround mix, all of the performers were more discretely positioned around me, and yet the ambience of the performance space was smoothly continuous between them. Individual instruments, easily discriminated among because of their distribution, had a more lifelike presence. It was addictive." - Kalman Rubinson. Read it!

Datasat and Dirac

Dirac and Datasat

Review by Widescreen Review: Datasat Digital Entertainment RS20i Surround Sound Processor And RA7300 Seven-Channel Amplifier, written by Doug Blackburn

Magazine: Volume 23, Number 1, issue 183, January 2014

"Datasat has produced the high-end benchmark for audio performance in home theatre. I suppose it might be possible to someday produce something that might sound marginally better than these components, but it won't be easy or cheap. The RS20i and RA7300 combo produce the most visceral, life-like, and ultra-resolution sound I've ever heard from a home theatre system. Dirac live room correction is the real deal, completely correcting severe subwoofer Setup problems, resulting in the best bass detail and resolution heard to date."

Dirac Live DSP Optimization for Computer Audio

Review by Ken Rockwell:

"This software, in less than a day, has made my desktop system sound better than I've been able to make it sound after years of traditional optimization!."

"Dirac Live is a suite of two programs that allows fast, easy and accurate calibration of room acoustics and amplifier and speaker characteristics. It very quickly makes huge improvements in any and all computer audio playback systems, especially desktop Hi-Fi for which I've used it." - Ken Rockwell. Read it!

Rolls Royce and Dirac

German article in Connect. Read it! (German)

Translated English version below:

Rolls-Royce Wraith with Bespoke Audio System: Rock & Rolls

Following founder Sir Henry Royce ("take the best that exists and make it better"), the sound system starts on a solid and noble base. [...] Moreover, the sound system relies on the sophisticated swedish Dirac software, which by means of, amongst others, phase and frequency corrections, allows for improved reproduction of the auditory image and staging.

Britannia rules the Waves
After just a few bars it is certain: This is definitely the best series production car audio system on the planet. Britannia rules the airwaves! It reproduces instruments and voices just like the mixing engineer created them.

The Bespoke audio system combines the naturalness and detailed resolution of really expensive home audio systems with drive, attack, and composure, which can only be topped by a live concert.

Apropos: As if the car and the sound system hadn't impressed me enough, Mr. Monks just had to share his nicest development experience with me. Superstar Brain Johnson sits next to him and inserts an AC/DC CD. It didn't take long until Brian Johnson damned his 150.000 EUR home sound system and started to sing along, a cappella, with himself. How cool is that? After the overwhelming listening impressions I willingly believe that it harmonized perfectly. Have a go and try to accomplish this with your own sound system.

"Money" by Pink Floyd, in this ambiance with this performance, sends a shiver down your spine, in a way that the reality in front of me became indistinct. Wow!