Aggrogamer Discusses How 3D Audio Is Transforming Gaming Headsets & The Gaming Experience

Dirac 3D Audio Rendering.jpg

“The largest selling point for this headset had to be the new 3D audio, using new software from Dirac to power it… This is something I generally roll my eyes at as it is something I have generally only experienced in large theaters or specialized rooms.

This headset and new drivers fully delivered. It truly shined when placed over a VR helmet, but even in the most basic of games, I was able to hear in a 3D space. Even something as minor as a radio playing off in the distance felt like something in my home where I had to double check I did not leave something on. It looks like my love of earbuds may be going the way of the dodo after this.”

Click here to read the full review from Aggrogamer. Click here for more info on Dirac 3D Audio.

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