Dirac Unveils an All-New Bass Management Solution​, Reports AV Nirvana

Drac Live_lo-res.jpg
Source: AV Nirvana (here)
Author: Todd Anderson

“The boom is about to get a lot tighter! The sound experts at Sweden’s Dirac have emerged from their labs with a new solution to tame the immense power of subterranean bass. Fresh on the heels of releasing its highly anticipated Dirac Live 2.0 re-fresh, Dirac has announced… an all-new multi-subwoofer bass management system. Tagged as 2.0’s first “module add-on,” the Dirac Live Bass Management Module features proprietary technology designed to analyze and correct a system’s low-end sound for smoother and more accurate playback.”

After demoing Dirac Live Bass Management, AV Nirvana reporter Todd Anderson states the following in the article’s Comments section:

"As for the demo - I left SUPER impressed. [DLBM] made the bass... tight, defined and plopped it right in the middle of the sound stage. When the correction was off, bass appeared flatter and lower in the soundstage. The folks from Dirac then told me to go to the corner of the room. With the system on, bass was smooth and even... EXTREMELY well integrated. With the system off, bass literally disappeared to practically inaudible. Wow…”

Click here to read the full story from AV Nirvana (and see the Comments section for additional post-demo commentary.)

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