Dirac HD Sound

Nerd Reactor: First-hand listen at Dirac’s suite of sound products at CES

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Read Nerd Reractor’s review of Dirac 3D Audio, Dirac Bass and Dirac Panorama Sound, which reporter Arvin Santiago was demoed at CES 2019.

“It was almost jaw-dropping to hear this panoramic sound coming from such a small speaker. It gave the audio more depth and more feeling to it and made it feel as if the sound fully engulfed me. Of course, it didn’t end there. Dirac demoed their software on a Razer smartphone. This 6-inch smartphone, with two-front facing speakers, was producing a powerful panoramic sound that will take gaming or entertainment to a whole new level. “

IEEE Spectrum on the Future of Mobile Sound

IEEE Spectrum on the Future of Mobile Sound

In the years since the iPhone was launched, in 2007, smartphone manufacturers have competed primarily on the size and resolution of their screens, touting display capabilities sometimes to the exclusion of anything else. But as mobile display technology matures, manufacturers are looking to other areas to distinguish themselves, such as sound.