Dirac Panorama Sound

Nerd Reactor Reviews Dirac Bass for Smartphones, Smart Speakers, & More @ CES19

“Next was a demo of Dirac Bass, which really amazed me. I was first shown a basic $40 speaker from IKEA. Sound quality was acceptable, with a flat and even sound profile, that had no real distinction between highs, mids, and lows. Once the speaker utilized Dirac Bass, you could really hear the difference. This went beyond using an equalizer preset that was set to favor the lows, which would typically result in the highs and mids being drowned out. Dirac Bass gave you a deep sounding low while keeping the other tones intact, with no distortion and overall evenness.”

IEEE Spectrum on the Future of Mobile Sound

In the years since the iPhone was launched, in 2007, smartphone manufacturers have competed primarily on the size and resolution of their screens, touting display capabilities sometimes to the exclusion of anything else. But as mobile display technology matures, manufacturers are looking to other areas to distinguish themselves, such as sound.

The Economist Sits Down with Dirac CEO to Explore the Next Frontier in Music-Technology: Superior Sound Quality

The Economist Sits Down with Dirac CEO to Explore the Next Frontier in Music-Technology: Superior Sound Quality. Learn how Dirac's mobile audio solutions, smartphone audio solutions, and room correction solutions are transforming the listening experience.

Digital Trends: "This crazy audio software can make your smartphone sound like a Hi-Fi system"

"Swedish sound optimization company prefers to operate under the radar, partnering with smartphone makers like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus, high-end auto manufacturers like Rolls Royce and Volvo, and home theater brands to enhance their products’ speakers with algorithms."

Home Theater and High Fidelity on Dirac VR: " It was eerily convincing"

"I selected what ever track I wanted and as I listened through the phones and turned my head, the performance stayed fixed in the same spot but it was as if I had turned in a real performance and it was effectively simulated. It was eerily convincing." Read more about Dirac 3D Audio here.