XDA Developer: Find Out Which Dirac Audio Enhancement Solutions Are on Your Android Smartphone

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The article begins with a general overview of smartphone audio and its importance to the overall user experience; then introduces Dirac, its history/ legacy, and its role in the smartphone audio market; then provides an overview of some of Dirac smartphone audio solutions; and then concludes with a master list of smartphones that feature Dirac solutions. Click here to read the full article

Forbes: Why China's Top Phone Brands Have Turned To Swedish Audio Firm Dirac For Superior Sound

Forbes recently sat down with Dirac's CEO and Head of Product Management - Mobile Audio to uncover why China’s leading smartphone manufacturers are increasingly prioritizing sound optimization – and why they are all consistently turning to Dirac to deliver an elevated smartphone audio experience.

IEEE Spectrum on the Future of Mobile Sound

In the years since the iPhone was launched, in 2007, smartphone manufacturers have competed primarily on the size and resolution of their screens, touting display capabilities sometimes to the exclusion of anything else. But as mobile display technology matures, manufacturers are looking to other areas to distinguish themselves, such as sound.

Digital Trends: "This crazy audio software can make your smartphone sound like a Hi-Fi system"

"Swedish sound optimization company prefers to operate under the radar, partnering with smartphone makers like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus, high-end auto manufacturers like Rolls Royce and Volvo, and home theater brands to enhance their products’ speakers with algorithms."