Digital Trends Reviewed the Dirac-enabled Tritton Gaming Headset: An Affordable Headset with Expensive Sound


Source: Digital Trends

Published: June 19, 2019

Digital Trends reviews the Dirac-enabled Tritton gaming headset and calls the digital audio experience "a cut above similarly priced headsets", capable of delivering "clarity we weren’t used to hearing from a budget headset", and "an affordable headset with expensive sound." Click here to read the article

Culture of Gaming: The Tritton Gaming Headset comes alive through the use of Dirac Technologies


Leading gaming publication, Culture of Gaming, states the following in its review of the Dirac-enabled Tritton Kunai Pro headset: “Through the use of the Dirac 3D Audio, as well as Dirac HD Sound, the Kunai Pro comes alive and is able to achieve not only sound parity, but I would overall judge it as a better Virtual 7.1 experience than the competitors. I can legitimately say I forgot the headset cost $50 USD.” Read the full review here