At MWC 2018, we will debut the second-generation Dirac VR 3D audio solution and unveil the first results of our two-year collaboration with AAC Technologies: a series of ground-breaking product prototypes that deliver a new caliber of listening experience through familiar consumer devices — from smartphones and tablets, to AR headsets, smart speakers, and automotive speakers. Come experience the exceptional sound enabled by Dirac innovations across multiple mobile platforms with us at MWC 2018!


Location: 2B64MR, Hall 2



Sneak Peek at Dirac - MWC 2O18


The second-generation Dirac VR

Dirac VR is now equipped with an upgraded 3D audio engine, increased power-efficiency, and a Unity plugin. While the first generation solution allowed for the fixed positioning of individual sound sources on the horizontal plane, alone, Dirac VR now allows for dynamic positioning on both the horizontal and vertical planes – generating a 360-degree ‘audio sphere’ around each end-user, where sound moves freely in all directions.


Dirac-enabled JBL Soundboost 2 for moto z smartphones with home theatre audio quality

Dirac Panorama Sound, the all-new mobile surround sound solution for audio systems comprised of two or more speakers, was recently made available through the JBL Soundboost 2 speaker compatible exclusively with Motorola’s moto z smartphones. The demo will showcase how even the smallest of speakers can be transformed into portable home theaters thanks to Dirac Panorama Sound. Click here to learn more about the Dirac-enabled JBL Soundboost 2.


The first results of our collaboration with AAC

After an initial launch at CES 2018, AAC Technologies and Dirac Research are now set to unveil to the mobile market at MWC 2018 the first results of their collaboration: a series of ground-breaking product prototypes that deliver a new caliber of listening experience through a range of mobile devices.


Smart speaker and smartphones

The Dirac-AAC smart speaker and smartphone demo compares their audio performance against their corresponding market-available alternatives – thereby showcasing the impressive performance upgrade achieved through the partnership.

AR headset [Converted].png

AR headset

By positioning speakers just above the ears, the Dirac-AAC augmented reality headset produces immersive audio that effectively overlays the natural sound environment. The combination of advanced audio processing and high-performance micro-speaker arrays beam the sound to your ears and minimize the leakage to the surroundings.


Automotive speakers

The automotive speaker demo will explore how ultra-thin speakers, capable of embedment in headrests, headliners, and other areas that can be used to create individual soundstages within the vehicle. All demos feature AAC’s new high-performance Super Linear Speaker.


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