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New review of Dirac Ready Dynaudio Focus 10

December 1, 2022

The website Audiophile Style is a popular hangout for the audiophile community, delivering reviews, interviews and in-depth knowledge of computer and audio equipment.

Their recently published review of the Dirac Ready Dynaudio Focus 10 takes a detailed look at the unit’s capabilities, and the reviewer came away impressed with its overall performance.

“The Focus 10 features classic Dynaudio aesthetic lines, but even more importantly contains an ’engine’ capable of very high performance.”

As we can read above, the reviewer particularly highlights the inside of the device – not least the Dirac Live function and the feature that allows the listener to save their own custom filters directly in the device.

“Room correction has come a very long way since the old days. In almost all cases, I now consider it a must-have for a high end system, if one wants to accurately reproduce what’s on the recording. The fact that the Focus 10 speakers can store Dirac Live room correction filter presets, is HUGE.”

“When measurements are done, listeners create a filter within the Dirac Live app, that is then stored directly on the Focus 10 speakers. This is huge, and can’t be overstated! Storing the room correction filter directly on the speakers enables the listener to play any supported source of music, and have it routed through the correction filter. For those in the know, I don’t need to tell you how nice this is.”

Read the full review here.