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New reviews of Cleer Audio ALPHA

February 14, 2022

Our collaboration with Cleer Audio continues to be highlighted and the all-new ALPHA headphones continue to impress reviewers around the world. See some of the reviews below!


Christopher Null, a veteran technology and business journalist, praises the headphones in TechHive´s review and sums it up by saying that they are “fantastic noise-canceling headphones for the money”.

Furthermore, he highlights the headphones and the Dirac VirtuoTM function specifically.

Meant to create a more immersive, surround-like experience, I found a worthwhile upgrade in many listening modes.“, Christopher Null on ALPHA’s Dirac function.

TechHive is a worldwide provider of reviews and tutorials in smart home and home entertainment gear. Read the full review on their website here.


The reviewer on the review website MacSources praises the headphones in their entirety, and points out the bass sound in particular.

”The sound quality with the Alpha headphones is exceptional. I listened to several different tracks of music while I was testing the headphones and thought that everything sounded wonderful. I could hear individual sounds distinctly and all bass was rich and full.”

Read the full review here.

Gadget Explained

Gadget Explained is a website that publishes reviews of consumer tech products. In the review of the Cleer Audio ALPHA headphones, the reviewer describes the design and functions of the headphones in detail.

In addition to praising the headphones’ battery life and noise canceling function (among other things), the reviewer also highlights the Dirac function as particularly positive, not least for gaming.

When turning on Dirac, it widens the soundstage making the sound more spacious and higher tones more detailed, which is perfect for gaming.

Read the full review here.

Several Youtube reviewers also praise the new headphones.

An example is David Susilo, who also highlights the Dirac function of the headphones.

“Compared to the virtualization from an earpod, the Dirac VirtuoTM on this Cleer headphone is just absolutely amazing. There´s no hint of fakeness at all.

See the full review on Youtube here.