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New reviews of the Sudio E2 Earphones

April 26, 2022

The new Sudio E2 earphones, which include a dual-core chipset with embedded Dirac Virtuo solution, have received several nice reviews in recent weeks. Below you can read a selection of these.

Major HiFi

Major HiFi is an online publication which provides reviews and a clear and impartial source of information regarding headphones and earphones. In their review of the earbuds, they highlight Dirac Virtuo which they also describe as “creating a soundstage previously unattainable”.

It also uses Dirac’s patented magnitude response correction technology to remove unintended resonances or sound colorations caused by the headphones themselves. The result is an immersive audio experience; a more accurate stereo soundstage; and significantly better, more balanced, and richly detailed sound quality.

Read the full review here.

Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews, a top-tier independent consumer technology publication, says in its review that the earbuds keep their promises.

What Dirac’s Virtuo does is employ a high-resolution binaural room impulse technology, which sounds rather fancy but produces the effect of sound coming from a pair of premium stereo speakers in front of you rather than playing inside your head. Very fancy indeed.

Read the full review here.