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New Video review of Sudio E2

May 31, 2022

The well-known Youtuber Gamesky, who often reviews and discusses audio products, has recently published a review of the Dirac Virtuo equipped Sudio E2 Earbuds. These earbuds employ a high-resolution binaural room impulse response technology, creating a previously unattainable soundstage.

This is a feature they pulled off very well. Most other earbuds and headphones, when you switch it intro to a virtual surround sound mode, it’s basically just reverb – you’re hearing echo so it basically makes you feel like your audio has more space than it normally does.  But this pair doesn´t have that echo effect, it just kind of separates things slightly and it pushes it back just a little bit. So it doesn’t sound artificial, in fact I was very impressed with this!

Sudio E2 earphones include a dual-core chipset with embedded Dirac Virtuo solution so you can enjoy spatial audio from stereo content regardless of the media or playback device.

The plus about this is that you don’t need to have tracks that are specifically made for spatial audio, it’s just trying to separate things and space them out to just give you that feeling that you are listening to music more in a live environment.

See the full review below.