New luxury car sound system features Dirac Live® sound correction technology

Rolls Royce Ghost uses Dirac Live® sound correction to overcome car acoustic challenges

The Rolls Royce Ghost in-car entertainment is taken to new heights by the use of premium sound correction technology Dirac Live® in order to overcome room-acoustic challenges and loudspeaker-related sound quality difficulties.

The car environment poses exceptional challenges in designing reference-grade audio. Traditionally, sound quality in cars has been hampered by things such as subpar loudspeaker locations, poor acoustic properties of their cabins, and imperfect loudspeaker housings. With the aid of the latest in digital control technology combined with first-class audio components, the new Rolls Royce Ghost delivers sound quality on par with the best in studio sound. Dirac Live® is a digital sound optimization technology from Swedish audio research think tank Dirac Research AB. It effectively washes away these problems associated with reproducing music in cars.

Each loudspeaker has been acoustically measured in a dense measurement grid inside the Ghost. A high-precision digital controller has then been tailored to these particular loudspeakers and the interior cabin environment with the aim of matching the measured acoustic output to the sound on the recording as closely as possible. Speaker resonances, room modes, early reflections, and other acoustic flaws are removed, thereby reaching an exceptionally transparent musical experience.

"Since music is all about timing, Dirac Live does not just improve the tonal character but also makes sure that each part of the performance has the same duration and timing as on the recording. Traditional car acoustic limitations result in a collapsed stereo image and lost clarity. This unnatural sound causes listening fatigue. Dirac Live makes the music come alive again", said Mathias Johansson, CEO of Dirac.

Dirac Live® is also used by, among others, BMW, Bentley and high-end digital cinema theaters across the world to achieve the finest in sound quality.