Dirac invited to speak at ISEAT 2015

Dr. Lars-Johan Brännmark, Chief Scientist of Dirac Research AB, was invited as VIP speaker at ISEAT 2015, the 5th International Symposium on ElectroAcoustic Technologies, on November 15th in Shenzhen, China.

Lars-Johan presented the paper “Controlling the impulse responses and the spatial variability in digital loudspeaker-room correction”, which was co-authored with Professor Mikael Sternad from Uppsala University. The paper illustrates the main principles for loudspeaker compensation and compensation of the room acoustics, which form the basis for the Dirac Live® room correction technology for single-channel compensation and the Dirac Unison® active room treatment technology for multi-channel compensation. Dirac Live have been adopted by numerous mixing studios, home audio systems, premium digital cinema systems and luxury cars. Presented as Dirac’ most advanced and latest technology, Dirac Unison was premiered in the B&W premium audio system for the brand new Volvo XC90.

Dr. Lars-Johan Brännmark holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Uppsala University, Sweden. Since 2011 Dr. Brännmark holds the position as Chief Scientist at Dirac Research AB. He holds several patents related to audio signal processing, and publishes regularly in leading journals of the field. 

 ISEAT 2015 was organized by Nanjing University of China and Key Laboratory of Modern Acoustics, Ministry of Education of China. The conference aims to bring together the leading researchers and experts on electroacoustics all over the world to discuss the latest technologies, materials and equipments.