Dirac Technology Brings Optimized Sound to New OPPO Smartphone Models R9s and R9s Plus

Uppsala, Sweden – Swedish audio technology provider Dirac Research is pleased to announce that OPPO’s newly released smartphone models R9s and R9s Plus come equipped with Dirac sound optimization technologies. 

The new OPPO flagship smartphones were recently unveiled at an event in Shanghai, China. The R9s features a 5.5-inch 1080p display and Snapdragon 625 processor, while the R9s Plus features a 6-inch 1080p screen and Snapdragon 653 chipset. Both come with 16MP front and rear cameras. To deliver an exceptional audio experience, the smartphones utilize three Dirac technologies.

•       Dirac Power Sound® empowers the small, built-in speaker to outperform even much larger ones, achieving a more natural, clear, and balanced sound with higher volume and more powerful bass.

•       Dirac HD Sound® delivers unique acoustic optimization tailor-made for the earbuds that come with the smartphones, dramatically improving their performance.

•       Dirac Sensaround® widens and externalizes the soundstage of the headphone playback, creating an immersive multi-dimensional listening experience no matter what headphones OPPO users listen with.

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“We’ve been partners with OPPO since 2012, and we’re happy to see an increasing number of their products achieving improved sound quality with Dirac technologies,” says Erik Rudolphi, General Manager of BU Mobile at Dirac. “All OPPO smartphones launched after the end of 2015 have been equipped with Dirac speaker optimization and earphone optimization technologies, which is the result of our long term strategic partnership. We greatly enjoy the partnership and look forward to a continued shared mission to bring extraordinary sound to users around the globe.”


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