Dirac Research adds new executives to fuel rapid growth

Uppsala, Sweden – March 27, 2014. Swedish audio research firm Dirac Research today announced new executives Erik Rudolphi and Bo Fristedt. The additions to the management team are a result of the quickly expanding customer base, new product developments and a larger sales organization.

Mr. Erik Rudolphi joins Dirac as Business Area Director. Rudolphi was formerly Vice President, Europe Sales and Business Development at AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. a Chinese manufacturer of electromechanical solutions in the mobile phone industry. In his previous work Mr. Rudolphi built up AAC Technologies operations in Europe and established close partnerships with global customers such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Through these partnerships AAC Technologies grew to become a world leading supplier of micro-speakers and microphones.

New CFO is Mr Bo Fristedt with a long background in both CFO and CIO positions. Companies where he has served are primarily multinationals in telecom, consumer electronics, wholesale and retail. Via his different positions he has also gained experience from both working in local subsidiaries as well as parent companies and has also for a period worked in P.R. China.

"Dirac has seen tremendous growth recently. Fuelled by new product developments and a larger sales organization we have quickly expanded our market shares across all key markets," says Mathias Johansson, CEO of Dirac . "We added a significant number of team members last year, ranging from senior developers and engineers to marketing specialists. I am very pleased to announce today that Erik Rudolphi and Bo Fristedt have joined Dirac's management team. Both have exceptional track records and the personal attitudes that I see as characteristic of the Dirac team. We now have the right team of executives to secure our further rapid expansion."