Olympus Imaging Corporation enters licensing agreement with Dirac Research

Tokyo and Uppsala, Sweden – September 9, 2013 Olympus Imaging Corporation today announced a license agreement with Swedish sound technology specialists Dirac Research, in order to bring the highest level of sound quality to their consumer audio products. 

The technology used - Dirac HD Sound - is based on years of research and uses state-of-art audio optimization algorithm to improve the actual acoustic properties of the audio equipment. The result is greatly increased clarity, bass, and over-all tonal balance, attributable to frequency and phase optimization.

Olympus' first product to be launched with Dirac technology is the new flagship radio server, PJ-35. The product was introduced in the end of August in Japan. It is the first product of its kind employing this type of highly innovative sound technology.

 "While digital audio processing has traditionally been used as generic sound effects, Dirac HD Sound is tailored to the acoustics of the PJ-35 and optimizes the entire sound reproduction for maximum fidelity. Our goal is a truly natural sound," said Mathias Johansson, CEO at Dirac.

"Olympus is known for high ambitions across all of their products. We are delighted to be able to work with them," he added.

"We are very pleased to employ Dirac's optimization system for our products in order to deliver a high quality audio experience to our customers. Dirac enjoys a great reputation and is used by some of the world's most famous brands", said Yuichi Saito, General Manager, Audio Business Dept, at Olympus.


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