Meizu Launched its Gravity Speaker Optimized by Dirac Power Sound

Chinese electronics company Meizu has just launched its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker “Gravity” on Indiegogo. With Dirac Power Sound technology inside, the Gravity speaker features a deceiving floating body and display while providing high-quality sound from a compact body.

Meizu Gravity Speaker Optimized by Dirac Power Sound

Dirac Power Sound™ is a digital technology that optimizes the sound experience from a small loudspeaker. Through the use of advanced measurements and optimization techniques, the technology optimizes the Gravity speaker’s ability to reproduce all sorts of sound. To be specific, it empowers small loudspeakers to deliver the best sound quality possible with improved clarity, louder sound and more powerful bass.

Using customized speaker units, dual drive units, and tailor-optimized sound by Dirac Power Sound, Gravity comes with an iOS and android app for remote control. It supports streaming from Spotify, SoundCloud, QQ music and via Wi-Fi connection. Preorders starting from 169 dollars, the speaker is planned to be shipped to backers in December 2016.

Meizu Gravity speaker on Indiegogo: click here