Dirac VR Technology Shortlisted for Best Virtual Reality Industry Technology Award

We are thrilled to announce that Dirac VR technology has been shortlisted in the “Best Virtual Reality Industry Technology” award category among three solutions by VR & AR World Expo 2017.

To be held in London between 13-15 June 2017, VR & AR World is the principal annual meeting place in Europe for the enterprise-focused VR & AR community, now in its second year. In 2017, the show is also part of TechXLR8, London Tech Week's flagship show. The “Best Virtual Reality Industry Technology” award recognizes a piece of technology or technological technique which has made a positive impact on the Virtual Reality industry.

Dirac VR is a 3D audio platform for headphones and VR headsets that creates an exponentially more immersive and realistic VR experience. Launched at CES 2017, the technology has been described by some of the world’s most discerning tech journalists as “startlingly realistic”, “eerily convincing”, and “might just change the way people experience VR.”

“We believe that the technology will transform any industry that is to be transformed by virtual reality, especially telepresence/telepresence industry, which has a soaring need for true positional audio with accurate sound,” commented Lars Isaksson, Dirac’s Business Director of AR/VR.

“The fundamental component of an effective telepresence system is actually the audio experience, as opposed to the visual component,” continued Isaksson. “However, today’s teleconferencing systems are far from effective meeting grounds. It’s often hard to hear who is talking and what they are saying, since spatial dimension is lacking. And to work remotely together with others is riddled with communication challenges. With Dirac VR, telepresence systems have the potential to change this, and render physical meetings unnecessary. You will easily hear who is talking and where he/she is located, and also hear the ambient sounds from the remote location, it will feel as if you are actually working in the same physical location with that team. Finally, we could cross the barrier where we are no longer bound by our physical location.”

In March, Dirac successfully raised $4.8-million USD from a group of prominent Swedish investors to accelerate our expansion into the VR audio space. In April, Dirac were awarded a $250,000 USD research grant from Vinnova, a Swedish research funding agency, for a project proposal concerning 3D audio recording for consumer devices.