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Upgrade to perfect sound in any situation

Whether you demand peerless audio reproduction, full surround immersion, or need to deliver an accurate mix on a budget, Dirac offers the Room Correction and Bass Control solution for you. Below, you can buy Dirac Live licenses for your AVR, Processor, or DAW.

Quick Start to get the Dirac Live experience

  1. Download Dirac Live.
  2. Create a Dirac account.
  3. If needed, buy a license for your device and follow activation instructions.
  4. Log into Dirac Live on your device.
  5. Calibrate and enjoy!

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Dirac Live® Room Correction Suite

Available as DAW plug-in or stand-alone, in stereo and multi-channel versions.

Dirac Live Studio audio for creatives

Buy Dirac Live Room Correction Suite


Check out our Knowledge Base for walkthroughs and guides, or feel free to contact us through the Help Desk.