NAD C 399

Room acoustics are the weakest link in most sound systems, making acoustic sound treatment a must. Dirac’s sound optimization suite includes digital room correction in order to help your loudspeakers reach their full potential in any listening room.


NAD C 399

Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent sound investment. Your NAD C399 can be upgraded with Dirac Live Room Correction by adding the MDC2 BluOS-D expansion module.

Available Licenses

Dirac Live
Room Correction Full Bandwidth


  • Corrects full frequency range (20Hz-20kHz) response
  • Improves impulse response (timing), which no other room correction system can
  • Editable target curve and multiple playback modes with graphical guidance

Dirac Live functionality on NAD C 399 requires that your device has an MSC2 BluOS-D expansion module installed.

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System Requirements

Dirac Live® requires a Windows or macOS computer with the following minimum specification:

  • Windows

    • Microsoft Windows 10

    • Intel i3 or equivalent

    • 4GB RAM

  • macOS

    • macOS 10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, or newer

    • Intel i3 or equivalent

    • 4GB RAM