Dirac Panorama Sound allows for an expanded soundstage from loudspeakers that are unconventionally located. Can you imagine using only an array of small loudspeaker elements in the dashboard of the car with no speakers in the door at all, to create an enveloping sound with exceptional center image? This was previously thought impossible but Dirac Panorama Sound changes this.



Key features:

  • Offers immersive sound with a distinct and stable center image
  • Provides sound quality enhancement through advanced co-optimization of frequency and impulse responses
  • Allows for unconventional speaker placements
  • Measurement-based tuning is tailored to specific sound systems
  • Can be combined with other Dirac technologies


Dirac Panorama Sound

Immersive sound, unconventional speaker placements

Dirac Panorama Sound significantly broadens the soundstage well beyond the physical position and size of the device. This allows for a revolutionary loudspeaker setup inside the car. For example, an array of multiple small loudspeaker elements can be placed in the dashboard without the need to have loudspeakers in the doors. Traditionally this would result in a collapsed soundstage, offering an almost mono sound experience. With Dirac Panorama Sound, the perceived soundstage from the speaker array will be dispersed over 180 ° and will envelop you no matter where you sit. At CES 2016, Harman demonstrated a similar setup powered by Dirac Panorama Sound: The Infinity Voyager Drive lifestyle audio system.


Make speakers sound dramatically better


The Dirac Panorama Sound technology not only brings wide soundstage to speakers, but also dramatically enhances their audio performance, ensuring a more faithful sound reproduction. Utilizing our advanced algorithms for filter design and audio processing, multiple speakers are able to coordinate with each other like a finely tuned orchestra, rather than interfere with each other. The frequency and impulse responses of each speaker are co-optimized to obtain maximum performance. In this process, the sound can even be tailored to individual car models. This is done by measuring and custom tuning the complete sound system, taking into consideration not just the properties and arrangement of the speakers but also the seating positions in the car.  

More freedom and creativity for manufacturers.png

More freedom and creativity for manufacturers


The Dirac Panorama Sound technology makes it much easier to tune a car’s sound system and create branded sound characters for specific car models with a high level of consistency. The technology also inspires creative sound engineers to bring innovative sound systems to car owners: The sound systems are not constrained by traditional speaker placements and they revive music with their natural, immersive sound.



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