Small speakers are notorious for their poor bass and harsh sound, and in particularly bad cases take listeners back to the days of mono sound. Due to their inherent size constraints, small speakers have always failed at both delivering a big, immersive sound as well as taking advantage of stereo recordings.

Dirac Panorama Sound breaks through these traditional boundaries, delivering immersive sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard from your smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, sound bars, handheld game consoles and TVs.



  • Extra wide soundstage
  • Sound quality enhancement based upon true acoustic performance optimization
  • Tighter and deeper bass
  • Enhanced overall clarity
  • Higher output levels while preserving a natural timbre
  • Based on acoustic measurements of the speakers
  • Doesn’t require specifically coded audio content

Dirac Panorama Sound
for mobile devices


Dirac Panorama Sound
for automotive

Dirac Panorama Sound for home and pro audio